What is Blended Care PT

Bringing your real human coach to you via internet, you decide when to meet your 1:1 personal trainer in person – online or in real life – and when to follow through on your fitness plans being connected with you personal coach via app.

The 21/90 Rule

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit, and 90 days to form a lifestyle.

21/90 is a term to describe a proven method of reaching personal goals more efficiently

How We Roll

Kick-Off and Anamnesis

This is where your journey begins. You meet your coach and get to know each other. You discuss your situation, goals and set objectives. Professional tests and screenings provide a clear picture of where you stand and what your physical condition looks like including possible shortcomings and challenges. All of this could be done via online video- and audio-calls or in real life meetings.

Bespoke Fitness Strategy

Your Coach is not only making a tailor-made workout plan for you, but develops a whole fitness concept regarding your physical and functional condition, your goals and your schedule.


A hands-on introduction to your exercises gives you confidence of working out correctly. You follow through your fitness plan.
 Either on your own by working out instructed by the app. Or by going traditional in-person 1:1 with your coach. Whatever meets your availability and budget.


Your coach is always with you. Updating your fitness plan. Answering to your needs and questions. Being that important accountability partner. You are in this together. With a full professional. And with all modern communication tools at your fingertips, that fit your lifestyle

Circle of Motivation

Decide to go as a 1:1 team with your coach as your accountability partner or build or become part of a group for that extra kick of sharing and caring. Group personal training is a thing already. And corona showed, that online group video training makes your fitness goals a motivational team effort.

They Already Trust Us